Coping With Mild Allergies (Allergic Cold) During Pregnancy


is a delicate phase in a woman’s life. It is a time when there is intense change in physical, emotional and mental phases of the woman. The immune system is very sensitive during pregnancy, where hormones have a profound influence on the immune system. It is very important that a pregnant woman has all physical checkups done to carry on further journey in pregnancy. However, some mild allergies can be taken care of without much ado about it.

In this article we give some tips to cope with allergic cold during pregnancy. Here are some of the remedies:

Nasal Spray:

You can heal common cold with a nasal saline spray. Nasal saline spray is just salt water that helps to keep away allergies during pregnancy. You just need to spray the solution into the nostrils and blow the nose a minute later. This will give substantiatial relief from the cold.

Neti Pot:

You can also use neti pot. This uses salt water to flush out all liquids in the sinus passages. Fill the neti pot with warm salt water and flush out each nostril. It is safe during pregnancy.


Using a humidifier at night, helps prevent allergies. It moisturizes the air and decreases the chances of being allergic.

Medicated Nasal Spray:

In case normal nasal spray does not work, you need to use medicated nasal spray. Use medications and allergy shots that are prescribed by a qualified doctor, even if they are over-the-counter drugs. Talk to your doctor about all the medications that you use, as no medication is proven entirely safe for use during pregnancy.

A few tips to avoid allergies:

  • Be cautious of your pets. Keep allergy-causing pets away
  • Keep your living room clean and tidy
  • Wash beddings weekly in 130 F to kill dust mites
  • Keep home humidity under 50%
  • Use filtering vacuum bags or filtering vacuums to control airborne dust.
  • Take proper care of pillows, mattresses and springs and keep them in dust mite-proof casings.

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