What is Skin Patch Test?

Skin patch test

is done to pinpoint or to ascertain a trigger of allergic contact dermatitis.

Skin patch test is

a diagnostic test

where an allergen is applied to a skin patch, which is placed on the skin, to see the reaction. It is one of the several skin tests that is done to determine skin allergens. Here, especially a trigger or onset of allergic contact dermatitis is evaluated.

How contact dermatitis is seen?

The answer is: If there are allergic antibodies in the body, the skin will become irritated. Itching starts developing in due course of time. This means the patient is allergic to the substance.

Skin Patch:

A skin patch is a sticky patch that is attached to the surface of the skin to release drugs into the bloodstream.

Procedure and Interpretation:

Suspected allergens are bandaged to the skin by skin patch for 48 hours. This is done under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner. The practitioner will examine the skin area for one day, i.e., in 24 hours, and then again in 48 hours. The observations are noted down. Redness, blisters and swelling at the locations of the patches confirm that the person is allergic to the particular allergen.

Skin patch test is not the same as skin prick test or intradermal tests. A range of allergens or substances are used for patch testing. Standards are also estimated. The

European Standard Series of allergens

has given specific tests appropriate to the individual. Each substance is tested to find the best concentration of the allergen to demonstrate an allergic reaction without causing irritation or any damage to those who are not allergic to it.

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