What is Nitrile Gloves Allergy?

Nitrile Gloves AllergyNitrile gloves are used as an alternative to latex gloves – as latex allergies are on the rise. However, although rare, nitrile gloves can also cause an allergy. The allergy is caused due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing of nitrile gloves. Avoiding nitrile gloves is the best way to prevent nitrile allergy.

Symptoms of Nitrile Gloves Allergy:

  • Redness of hands
  • Swelling, burning sensation of hands
  • Rhinitis
  • Watery eyes
  • Facial swelling

What causes Nitrile Gloves Allergy:

The chemicals used in the manufacturing of nitrile gloves is responsible for allergies. The chemicals carbamates and thiruams used in manufacturing can cause an allergy. Sometimes, the dyes used in the glove can also cause an allergy.

Some of the nitrile gloves may be contaminated with latex, and an individual having a latex allergy can be allergic to the gloves.

How to Prevent Nitrile Gloves Allergy:

  • Avoid nitrile gloves. Do inform your doctor about your nitrile allergy when you visit a hospital
  • Switching to a different brand of nitrile gloves can be helpful in few people. This is because you might be allergic to the dye present in the particular nitrile glove
  • Choose a material other than nitrile if you would like to buy gloves for yourself

Testing and Treatment:

A blood test (RAST) or skin prick test can be done to check for nitrile allergies. Do consult your allergist if you want to get yourself tested. Once tested with allergy, your doctor can prescribe antihistamines or topical corticosteroids to treat the allergic reaction

3 responses to What is Nitrile Gloves Allergy?

  1. I think I am allergic to nitrile gloves. What can I wear instead?

  2. Heya, I found out today that I am aswell- the staff at my university are going to give me some cotton inserts to wear inside the gloves which should sort it out. Hope this helps :)

  3. I get a burning rash on my face after wearing nitrile gloves, they are powder free. What can I use in place of these gloves? Please advise
    Thank you!

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