Deodorant Allergy – Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Cause AllergiesDeodorants are used to keep the body odor-free. But did you know that deodorants can cause an allergy? The chemicals and the compounds in deodorants are responsible for triggering an allergic reaction. You can experience rashes, redness, hives and itchiness of skin if you have an allergy to deodorant. The best way to avoid an allergy to deodorant would be to switch brands or go for natural deodorants. If this does not work, consulting an allergist is recommended.

What causes Deodorant Allergy?

Deodorants contain chemicals and other compounds ( which help in preventing body odor). These are responsible for causing an allergy. The allergy can be caused due to plant/animal extracts, fragrances, preservatives and other compounds.


Symptoms of deodorant allergy include rash at the area where deodorant is applied. People can also experience redness, itchiness and a series of bumps. If you experience these symptoms, try applying hydrocortisone cream to reduce skin reaction.

How to Prevent Deodorant Allergy?

Here are few tips to prevent an allergy to deodorants:

  • Immediately stop using the allergy-causing deodorant and switch to another deodorant brand. Being allergic to one brand does not mean that you would be allergic to other brands. So, try using another brand and see if your allergy reduces
  • Chose natural deodorants. These deodorants do not contain chemicals and are a good option for those having an allergy
  • You can also choose unscented or fragrance-free deodorants, as they are less likely to cause an allergy
  • Using roll-on deodorant or deodorant stick is recommended as the deodorant does not spread in the air while applying


If you experience an allergy to deodorants even after switching brands, do consult an allergist. Your allergist would conduct patch test to check if you have allergy. He/she can also prescribe you anti-histamines, topical corticosteroids to treat the skin reaction.

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