Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp is an ailment that affects many people. Did you know that the reason for this problem is often allergy related?

The reason behind itchy scalp is often dryness that is caused by either a product that is used on the scalp or dryness in the surrounding air. Air humidifier might provide comfort to some degree but also it is good to find out what other reasons there are to making your scalp dry. In addition to air being dry, there are many products you might be using that can cause dryness and, therefore, itchiness in the scalp.

Dryness Causing Products

If you use colorants in your hair it is likely that this is what causes the dryness. The chemicals in the dye can have an effect on the skin if it is sensitive to it. Therefore, allergy to hair dyes can be one reason. However, sometimes your scalp might be more sensitive than this whereby the use of even a normal shampoo can bring about dryness in the scalp. Conditioners can also be the cause. Remember to rinse them out properly always so that they do not remain in the hair. This will better ensure that allergic reaction does not continue for an extended period of time in your head. Also, if you experiment with different products you might find something that is more suitable to you which does not cause itchy scalp.

Allergies to Medications

Allergies to medications can also have an effect on your scalp. Therefore, study the effects of the medications you are using carefully before using them because they too can have adverse effects on the skin of you scalp.


If you are troubled by itchy scalp the first thing you can do is to try and moisturize the area. This should relieve some of the dryness and flaking skin. There are home remedies to itchy scalp that are sometimes recommended. You might have heard about honey for treatment of itchy scalp for example. However, if you have an allergy to honey, do not try to use it because the allergy will cause the problem to get worse. If home remedies do not work, you should explore allergy treatment in order to get on top of the problem. A visit to the doctor is in order in this situation.

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