4 Ways Allergens can Enter Our Bodies

Allergic reaction can manifest as itching, burning, sneezing or any number of ways. There are the 4 ways allergens can enter our bodies. What are these ways?

1. Air

Often it is impossible to avoid coming into contact with an allergen. This is because it travels through the air. We take it in our body by breathing it in. for sensitive individuals breathing in foreign particles can cause conditions such as hay fever, asthma or conjunctivitis.

Breathable allergens:

Pollens: trees, grasses and weeds
Dust mites
Animal proteins: dander, skin and urine
Insect parts

2. What we ingest

Often people suffer from allergies to food. In this case something in what we eat, such as nuts, wheat or milk causes symptoms. Drugs can also cause an allergic reaction in the body.

Reactions to food allergy:

Swelling of mouth or throat

3. By touch

Touch is one way allergens are carried. Touching an allergen can cause a reaction in the skin. Touching metal with nickel in it can cause nickel allergy which manifests as itching and swelling. Latex allergy can cause a reaction throughout the body which is sometimes life threatening. Usually, though, the reaction occurs only locally in the area where the allergen has touched the skin.

Allergens that can be transmitted through touch include:

Metals (nickel)

4. Injection

The fourth way that allergens can enter our bodies is when they are injected. This can occur as insect bite, medications or vaccines. This is especially dangerous because if the allergen can get direct access to the bloodstream the reaction can be especially dangerous. Anaphylaxis can occur is the allergy is severe.

These are the four ways that allergens can enter our bodies. If you are suffering from an allergy, take into account the way in which the allergen enters your body, in order to know how to treat the symptoms.’>

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