Allergy Relief

When an allergy hits you there are ways to make you feel better. It might be that the allergy cannot be cured, but there is allergy relief available to diminish the symptoms. What are the best allergy relief tips?


There are two types of drugs available to treat the symptoms of allergy. One is over the counter medicines, which are available from drug stores. The other is prescription drugs, which you can obtain by going to the doctor. There are good and bad sides to both of these options. They can be good in treating the symptoms of allergy but they often have side effects, which makes their use uncomfortable.


These are used to counteract the reaction of the allergy in your body. Histamines are the reason that the itching, swelling, or which every allergy symptom you have, comes about. Therefore, antihistamines offer relief by binding the histamines and not allowing them to attack the allergen. One side effect of antihistamines is drowsiness.

Tips to help with allergy relief

Plan ahead

Think about what you are going to do to know if an allergic reaction might occur. If you are allergic to pets and you go to a friend’s house where there is a dog, take medications beforehand in order to not get a reaction later.


If harsh medications are not suitable for you there are natural products which might offer allergy relief. Herbs, for instance, have proved to be effective in allergy relief. Butterbur is a herb, which effectively treats allergy symptoms by working like an antihistamine, without the side effects.

• Spices

Another way to combat allergy symptoms is hot spices. If you have a stuffy nose because of allergies, you may find that using spices such as cayenne pepper will clear out sinuses effectively.

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