Cheese Allergy

Some people have an allergy to milk products. With some people, however, the allergy comes about only in relation to cheese. Therefore the allergy is not caused by lactose intolerance but something else all together. In this case it might be more accurate to call the ailment food intolerance than an allergy. These two overlap to some degree, but are different in the symptoms they produce.


Many cheeses contain histamine. This chemical is something that can mimic an allergic reaction when ingested because it is involved in the way allergic reactions come about in the body. Fermented foods can sometimes contain histamine, and if you are sensitive to this it might be that you get allergic symptoms. Therefore, the allergic reaction that you get does not come from an allergy directly, but by an overdose of histamine.

Diamine oxidase

This enzyme is responsible for metabolism of excess histamine in the body. When the way the enzyme works is disrupted, one develops symptoms. This is why cheese allergy can occur. Blue cheese is something that can be especially rich in histamines and, therefore, can be especially difficult if you are susceptible to this condition.


If you are a sufferer of cheese allergy it might be because of mold. This often grows on cheese and can cause an allergic reaction. Mold can also produce penicillin and if you have a severe allergy to this, it might be that cheese is not good for you.

Symptoms of cheese allergy:

Heart palpitations
Hypo tension

Symptoms of cheese allergy are not usually life threatening as they can be with some allergies such as peanut related allergies. The symptoms can still be uncomfortable and this is why it is advisable to take measures in order to avoid cheese allergy.

These are some of the reasons that cheese allergy can occur. If you are affected you might want to use vitamin C supplements because this is a natural remedy for allergic reactions because of its immune defense boosting properties.

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