Remedies for Allergy Related Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most common allergic symptoms when you are suffering from food allergies. Diarrhea can be very difficult to treat if it is caused by an allergy to food. Sometimes you might even not know what food group you are allergic to. Here are some of the most common causes for allergy related diarrhea that should be avoided if you are affected by this condition.

When you have diarrhea your body becomes dehydrated very easily. This is because you lose a lot of fluids in your stool. In addition you might become weak from loss of potassium. Children are especially vulnerable because their bodies are not capable of getting by, if a serious illness causes a weakened state.


It has been discovered that there are many people who are allergic to fructose. This sugar found in fruit and added to many processed food is one possible culprit of allergy related diarrhea. In this case the person, who is afflicted, is allergic to fructose, which causes an allergic reaction. In order to avoid this, you should avoid the intake of fructose in any form. This calls for a careful consideration of what you eat or drink.


Another common allergic food group is milk products. Studies have found that in children cow’s milk often causes allergies. Avoiding cow’s milk by switching to soy based diet will often help in curing the condition.


Wheat and cereals based in wheat products are often the cause for allergy related diarrhea. To test if they are the cause you should try a wheat free product at least a week. This is because it takes days for the body to completely cleanse itself of what you have eaten.


It might be hard to believe but even the inhalation of pollen can cause an allergic reaction manifesting as diarrhea. This can happen with especially sensitive individuals and especially in children. If diarrhea only appears in the pollen season, it might indicate an affliction of this kind. This can only be helped with the limitation of the amount of pollen in the air that you breath.

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