Honey for Allergy Treatment

Allergy symptoms can be treated in several ways. One of the most uncommon ones that people have come up with is honey. Can honey really help with allergies?

Health benefits of honey:

Eases digestion
Relieves constipation
Rich in nutrients and antioxidants
Antimicrobial benefits

Honey is good in helping digestion. It consists of easily digestible sugar that does not ferment in the stomach. Therefore, there is less danger of bacterial infection. Honey can also aid in anemia, hyperacidity and ulcer because of its antibacterial properties. It has qualities that ease digestion and it can be used as a laxative if one has stomach problems. Therefore, honey can help with food related allergies as well as indigestion.

How does honey help to fight allergies?

Allergies are sometimes treated with desensitization therapy. If honey can have an effect in treating allergies it might be because of this reason. Often in honey you find tiny amounts of pollen. If you have pollen allergy, the pollen in honey might help you get desensitized to it slowly. This is why honey can work to treat your pollen allergy. It must be noted, however, that the pollen content in honey can change and if you are very sensitive to pollen it might be that some honeys contain too much pollen for some allergy sufferers. In the case of very sensitive pollen allergy honey should be avoided.

Raw honey for Allergy Treatment

If you want to help your allergy with honey you should choose raw honey instead of overly filtered and treated honey. This is because natural honey has more of the healing properties than those which have been processed so that there are no natural qualities left in it.

Try using honey if you want to try a natural remedy for allergies, which does not have the side effects that follow a lot of medical options for allergy treatment.

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