Allergy Related Sore Throat

When an allergy causes you to have symptoms it is often the throat that is affected first. You may have scratchy dry feeling in your throat and a discomfort that makes it difficult to swallow. How does allergy related sore throat come about and how can we treat it?

Sore throat most often is worst in the morning and improves throughout the day. The sore throat itself is not usually caused by the allergy but instead the allergy causes problems in the ear or nose, which then affects the throat. Sore throat is often caused by stuffy ears, runny nose or cough. This article tells you more in detail about allergy related sore throat.Allergy Related Sore Throat


Allergies are usually caused when immune system mistakes some harmless substances such as pollen or mold for certain parasites like germs and thus releases chemicals to combat them. This leads to formation of typical symptoms. Cigarette smoke, mold, pollen, hackles of animals and dust mites are some of the causes of allergies in people. The causes of sore throat allergies in particular are:

• Hay fever is the major reason for persistent sore throat allergies.
• Constant exposure to heavy metals and industrial pollutants are causes for chronic sore throat allergies.
• Nasal allergies are a reason for itchy sore throat allergies.
• Consumption of foods like zucchini, cucumber, sunflower seeds, etc also causes severe sore throat allergies.


Symptoms of sore throat allergies are similar to those of common cold symptoms, but certain symptoms like aches and fever are not observed in allergies. The symptoms observed in sore throat condition caused by allergies include:

• Sneezing
• Cough
• Blockage of nasal passages
• Discomfort to swallow
• Runny nose


Sore throat allergies do not require drug treatment or medications. Herbal and home remedies are helpful to treat the condition. The allergic reactions and symptoms find very good relief on herbal and home treatments. Here are the effective remedies for allergy related sore throat:


  • Moisture: Adding of moisture to the air is often helpful in treating a sore throat. This is because it provides the throat with moisture when it has become dry. Moisture will help your throat to feel better by relieving the scratchy feeling in it. A humidifier is one way that air can be moisturized.
  • Gargling with salt water: This is helpful for sore throat because it will sooth the throat and provides moisture.
  • Natural lozenges: These will help to sooth the painful feeling in the throat and make the mouth produce more saliva, which can be helpful if you have a sore throat. Lozenges made with natural ingredients are best in achieving this.
  • Do not speak softly: Many people tend to whisper when they have a sore throat. In actuality this causes more work for the throat. This is why it is not a good idea when suffering from sore throat.
  • Treat your nose: The pain in your throat is often caused by your nasal allergy. The allergy causing your nose to become runny is behind the sore throat as well. The mucus coming down from the nose through the throat causes irritation, which makes the throat sore. This is something that can be treated by curing the allergy related rhinitis first. Taking care of it often is enough to cure your sore throat as well.
  • Taking a good amount of rest helps to cure throat soreness.

If the sore throat allergic condition remains to be persistent and does not get healed from any of these treatments, then an immediate doctor’s consultation is required.


The best way to prevent this condition is to avoid exposure or consumption of the particular allergen. Some of the preventive measures include:

• Completely avoiding the consumption of foodstuffs that lead to sore throat allergies.
• Avoiding cigarette smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks as they trigger the sore throat symptoms caused by allergies.
• Avoid excess exposure to dry environment, may be at home or workplace as dryness is also a cause for symptoms like inflammation of throat and cough.

This is all about sore throat allergies with its causes, symptoms, treatment and preventive measures. Hope this would help you in knowing and diagnosing the condition in a better way. The one important thing to remember is sore throat allergy is not a disease by itself, but only a symptom which recurs and can be cured and prevented completely.

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