Can Allergy Cause Insomnia

Allergies can have many symptoms. There are symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, skin problems and even anaphylaxis. But is it possible for allergies to cause insomnia? This article will illuminate the matter.

Hay fever

It is possible that hay fever causes insomnia. New studies have been able to link hay fever and insomnia. According to these studies people with hay fever are twice as likely to suffer from insomnia. These studies have found that people with allergic rhinitis on average take a longer time to get to sleep and they wake up more easily during the night. They also have to take more naps during the day and they get tired more easily.

Food allergies

Often it is a food allergy that is causing your sleeplessness. Lactose intolerance or allergy to wheat can be reasons for insomnia as well as many other food allergies. This is because the food causes a reaction in your body, such as itching, swelling, nausea or other symptoms. These will make you uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to get to sleep.


One of the key ingredients of getting to sleep and getting good sleep is relaxation. If you are unable to relax it might be that you are also unable to sleep. This is the connection between allergy and insomnia. Both food allergies and hay fever will make you feel uncomfortable. If your nose is running or your skin is itchy you will feel uncomfortable and are unable to relax. This causes sleeplessness, tiredness and poor quality of life.

Hopefully this article has been able to address some of the issues related to the question: can allergy cause insomnia. For further information about it talk to either a specialist in insomnia or allergies in order to know more.

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