Allergy and Eczema

This article will explicate how allergy and eczema are related.

What is eczema?

Eczema manifests as itchy, red inflammation that can develop pumps on the skin which contain fluid, which oozes out. The cause of this condition usually comes from allergies.

Where does eczema occur?

Eczema can appear in many parts of the body. Some get it on their hands, some on their legs and some on their arms. Eczema can appear in any part of the body but it mostly occurs in bends of the knees or arms.

What allergies cause eczema?

You might be allergic to something that you eat such as wheat or something that you drink like milk. Lactose intolerance is one culprit causing allergy related eczema. Other reasons for eczema can be allergies to airborne particles like pollen. When you suffer from this kind of allergy you may develop eczema when breathing in the allergen. This kind of allergy is often seasonal. That means that it manifests when high amount of the allergen is in the air. Some people are also sensitive to animal dander or dust. Being exposed to them can cause eczema.

What else causes eczema?

Reasons for eczema can be in other things than allergies too. Some reasons for eczema are excessive heat or stress. Soap is also something that can cause eczema if your skin is sensitive to the chemicals in it.

Treatment of eczema

Cortisone ointments
Internal medications
Ultraviolet light treatment
Avoiding the food or substance that causes the condition

A doctor can help you in trying to manage allergy related eczema. It is important to know that the condition is not caused by contact dermatitis, which means exposure to something that irritates the skin like a perfume. Testing what substance you are allergic to is something that a doctor can help you with. Other than this, just remember not to scratch the eczema, keep your skin clean and use a moisturizer to sooth the itchy feeling in the skin.

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