What are Chemical Allergens

Allergies can occur because of exposure to a substance that the body thinks is harmful. One gets an allergic reaction because of the histamines that the body produces in order to fight the substance. Therefore, you can get rashes, hives or breathing difficulties. Often allergens are found in food or breathable particles. In addition to natural allergens like lactose or pollen there are a large amount of chemicals that, while usually harmless, can cause a harmful reaction in the body with people who are sensitive to them. This article will try to explain what these chemical allergens are and how they cause allergies.


This is one of the most common chemicals that causes allergy. It is found as an addition in many metals because of its property of making the metal harder.

Rubber products

The chemicals found in rubber are often a reason for allergies. Tires, hoses and gloves are something that can spark an allergic reaction if one is sensitive to rubber chemicals.

Cosmetic products

Cosmetics and perfumes contain chemicals, which are a reason for allergies in many people.


Petroleum can be found from plastic and rubber products. It can cause allercig reaction in the same way as oil based products.


Pesticides are often found in what we eat and drink. These can induce an allergic reaction.


Shampoos and other cleaning products contain preservative chemicals that are one source of allergens.


Formaldehyde can be found in many things around the household. Glue products often contain formaldehyde. It is found in furniture, shoes and leather goods.

In addition to these products there are many others, which contain chemicals that can be harmful for sensitive people. We are surrounded by products, which are made using chemicals. Therefore, it can be very difficult to avoid exposure. If you are able to identify the chemical you are sensitive to it becomes easier. However, often the same chemical you are allergic to is used in so many products that allergic reactions are difficult to avoid. In this case the only way is to try to treat the symptoms. A doctor can assist you with finding cortisone ointments or other methods of treating allergic symptoms.

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