How to Allergy Proof Your Home

If you suffer from moderate or severe allergies you might need to take steps in order to avoid whatever it is that is causing the allergy. Therefore, you need to allergy proof your home. This article will teach you a few simple things you need to know about how to allergy proof your home.

Dust mites

Dust mites are one of the biggest reasons for allergies. These can be gotten rid of. You need to stick to a regular cleaning schedule with vacuuming and dusting. Dust mites can easily be killed with hot water. Use washing for any textiles it is possible for.

Dust mites are often found in sofas and beds. Therefore, you need to mite-proof these furnishings with a material that does not provide a safe living environment for dust mites.

When cleaning

Use a mask if the dust that is produced causes you to have allergic reaction. Wear plastic gloves in order to protect your hands. Also, you should wash your clothes right after cleaning to get rid of anything that has been stuck to them while cleaning. You can take a shower after cleaning so that nothing stays on your skin.


Bedroom is one of the most important areas to concentrate on when dust is concerned. Here are some tips to allergy proofing your bedroom.

Wash the bed frame with a damp rag
Use allergen impermeable covers for mattress and pillows; these prevent dust mites from going in or out
Wash bed linen regularly
Avoid too much textiles in the bedroom
Keep humidity low
Do not let furry pets in the room
Do not eat in bed


Use closet only for clean items
Do not put damp clothes in the closet
Hang shoes up to discourage mold growth
Make sure your hamper is well ventilated


Use water proof wallpaper or paint instead of wallpaper
Clean the tiles regularly
Wash shower curtains
Keep the bathroom ventilated
Do not use bathroom carpets

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