Bleach Allergy

This article will discuss the matter of bleach allergy. First we will find out what bleach allergy is and then how to avoid it.

Bleach is a toxic corrosive product. It can cause irritation in the skin or other allergic ailments when you touch or smell it. It is often used as a cleaning product.

Symptoms of bleach allergy

Breathing difficulties
Itchy and watery eyes
Sore throat
Red rash

What causes allergy to bleach

Chlorine, which is found in bleach, can cause eye and lung irritation
Alkylphenols are found in some bleaches. They can cause allergic reactions with people who are sensitive to the substance

Bleach dissolves materials and this is why it is often what the bleach dissolves that you are allergic to instead of the bleach itself. Therefore, for example the container of the bleach can sometimes dissolve and cause your allergic reaction if you are allergic to some substance found from the container of the bleach.

Other forms of bleach allergy

Another bleach that can cause allergy is hair bleach. Some people can have red and itchy scalp from using hair bleach.

Remedies for bleach allergy

In order to avoid symptoms you need to stay clear of bleach. Many other products can be used instead with the same cleaning power. Some of these are vinegar to disinfect and baking soda to clean. Lemon juice can be used to remove stains.

Medical remedies

If you experience bleach allergy and cannot avoid exposure to it, there is the possibility of antihistamines such as Benadryl that can help. Corticosteroids are another method of relieving the symptoms of the allergy. A doctor can help you with finding the right way of treating your symptoms. A dermatologist is the best person to help if the symptoms are confined in the skin.

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