What are the Most Common Allergies?

Allergies can be caused by several different triggers. You may have allergies from food or from something you breathe in. This article will explain the most common reasons for allergies.

Pollens are the most prevalent reason for allergies. Pollens come from trees and vegetation. Pollen allergy occurs most often in the spring and fall.

Animal dander
Animal hair is also a cause for allergies. The allergy is caused by the oil in the fur of the animal.

Dust mites
Allergy to dust mites comes from a reaction to the protein that is a waste product of the mites.

Insect bites
Proteins that insects secrete when they bit can cause swelling and itchiness in the skin.

Mold develops in moist and damp conditions in homes. One gets an allergic reaction when breathing in mold spores.

Some people develop allergies to food. The most common food allergies are those to shellfish, peanuts and milk.

An allergy to latex comes from a reaction to the sap of the rubber tree that the latex is made from.

Some people have allergies to medicines such as penicillin or salicylates.

Chemicals that perfumes are made from can irritate the membranes in the nose causing an allergic reaction.

Finally cockroaches can also cause allergy. The protein in the waste of cockroaches is the reason for the allergic reaction.

These are the most common allergies. Sometimes people suffer from more than one of them at the same time. To avoid reactions to these allergy reaction one should keep a clean home and avoid being in contact with the allergy inducing substance. If this is impossible you can go to a doctor to find out how to treat the symptoms that the allergy causes.

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