Allergies Fatigue Causes

Allergies cause many kinds of symptoms. Some of these are hives, runny nose or stomach problems. One serious consequence of allergies that is often overlooked is chronic fatigue. How do allergies cause fatigue?

Why allergies cause fatigue

When you are suffering from an allergy, your immune system is in overdrive. When the body attacks what it sees as an invader in the body, it spends a lot of energy. Therefore, your exhaustion is caused by the fact that all of the energy you have goes into fighting the allergen. So, if you are allergic to pollen for instance and you breathe in pollen particles, your body starts to produce histamines, causing symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes and breathing difficulties. This is the reason you feel exhausted when suffering from an allergy.

If your allergy causes difficulty breathing it is one more reason for your fatigue. This is because the short rapid breaths caused by the condition use more energy and result in fatigue.

Sleep and Allergy

If your nose is congested because of allergies you will find it more difficult to sleep. This is because the congestion makes it difficult for you to breathe. You might wake up several times a night perhaps without even noticing it is happening. This is because your body senses that something is wrong when you cannot breathe properly. If you keep waking up during the night it is easy to see that fatigue will set in during the day. You will feel tired, groggy and irritable.

Remedies for Allergies Fatigue Causes

Maintain proper blood sugar levels
Do not exhaust yourself too much
Minimize your exposure to allergens
You can use medicines to manage allergy symptoms
Get proper rest

These are some of the ways that allergy related fatigue can be managed. Please make sure that you get the condition under control because it is something that affects you quality of life very much. If you are unable to manage it on your own, a visit to a doctor will help in finding the best ways for you in dealing with allergies and fatigue.

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