Are Allergies Worse when it Rains

Allergies WorseAllergies can be seasonal or perennial. Seasonal occur in spring or fall. Perennial can occur in which ever part of the year. Some people feel that their allergy gets worse when it rains. Why is this? Is it true that allergies are worse when it rains?

Type of Allergy

The question whether allergies are worse when it rains depends on the kind of allergy you have.

Tree allergy
Some allergies can actually be made better because of rain. Some of these are tree allergies. This is because the rain lessens the ability of the spores of the trees to fly through the air and get into your sinuses.

Grass allergy
Rain usually helps grass grow. This is the reason for the fact that grass allergies might be made worse because of rain. However, it might not explain why you experience allergy symptoms during rain because grass allergy is more likely to be triggered after the rain when it gets dry and the grass is able to shed pollen.

Mold allergy
It is most likely that allergies triggered mostly during rain are because of mold. This is because of the dampness which enables the mold to grow better.

Cold hives
In addition to rain, snow can also make your allergies worse. Therefore, you might get symptoms of allergy symptoms, like itching, hives and red skin, when it snows. This condition is referred to as cold hives.


If you still experience symptoms, your doctor can give you advice on allergy medicines you can take for alleviating the symptoms.

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