Allergy to the Sun

What is sun allergy? Does it mean that you are a vampire who burns up in the glare of sunrays? This article explains what sun allergy, also known as sun rash, means.

This condition causes rash and redness in the skin. It can be caused by heat, sun, water, exercise and pressure. Therefore, hanging out on the beach is not advisable for a sufferer of this condition. A combination of the sun, water, exercise and heat on the beach causes the skin to become inflamed.

Solar utricaria

This is similar to physical utricaria but it only occurs with exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as sun allergy.

The skin on your body that is rarely exposed to sunlight is more susceptible to have symptoms of this condition than the skin that often is exposed to sunlight. The skin that hos gotten used to sunlight is usually fine with esposure to it. Therefore, the problem areas are usually in the body in the skin covered in clothes.

How it works

The allergy occurs when sunlight produces a reaction in the skin against proteins contained in the skin. If the condition is serious enough it is also possible to develop a life threatening anaphylaxis.

Diagnosis of sun allergy

The diagnosis for this condition is done by a dermatologist by exposing the skin to light of different wavelengths. The reaction should let the doctor know if solar rays can make your skin brake out.

Allergy to the Sun Treatment

• Antihistamines
• Steroid crams such as hydrocortisone
• Oral steroids for serious condition
• Desensitization through repeated exposure to sunlight

These should be good ways in treating sun allergy. Allergies are best avoided by avoiding what causes the allergy. Therefore, avoiding sun might be the only way to avoid symptoms especially in severe cases. If the condition allows desensitization treatment, it might be a good way to reduce the symptoms.

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