Can Allergies Cause Headaches

Allergies cause rashes, breathing difficulties and runny noses. But is it possible to get a headache from allergies. This article will find out if Allergies Cause Headaches.

Sinus Headache

Sinuses are airy cavities in facial bones that are connected with the nasal cavity. The sinuses can get itchy, swollen and filled with mucus. This can cause pain in the head, cheeks and teeth. This is how sinus headache comes about. It usually comes with ailments like:

Facial pain
Watery eyes
Runny nose

Sinus headache is usually stronger when in motion. It is also possible to experience facial swelling when suffering from sinus headache. Feeling of fullness in the ears can accompany the symptoms.


Migraine is a pain that usually occurs on one side of the head with a sensitivity to light in the eyes and nausea. It is caused by dilation of vessels in the head that cause nerves to be irritated.

Migraine can have several non allergy related causes. However studies have shown that allergy sufferers have migraines more often than others. It is not yet clear how migraines and allergy are related

It has also been discovered that headaches often appear with food intolerances.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache is a strong pain behind the eyes, and around the face, usually on one side only. It often appears at regular intervals which is where the name comes from. It mostly occurs in the night or morning.

This condition is seasonal occurring in the spring and autumn like many allergies. This is why it has been suggested that there might be a link between the two.


You need to visit a doctor in order to know if your headache is allergy related. You need to be sure of this before taking any medication because treatment might make headaches worse if they are for the wrong ailment. Especially decongestants should be taken only for allergy related problems. A doctor is best able to treat you with preventive allergy therapy for allergies and headache.

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