How Effective is Immunotherapy for Asthma

Asthma can be difficult to treat. This is because it is allergy related condition and allergies are based on the body rejection of a foreign substance entering the body. Therefore, it is useful to find out if immunotherapy is a good method in treating asthma. This article will illuminate the issue.

The best way to treat asthma is to avoid what causes the allergy. Sometimes, however, this is not possible. That is when you need to consider other options. One of these is immunotherapy.

Asthma can be Triggered by the Following Substances:

Dust mites
Animal dander

Immunotherapy is used for asthma caused by pollen, dust mites and animal dander. If your allergy is caused by molds or food it might be that immunotherapy is not the right treatment option.

If you have been treated unsuccessfully with asthma medications, then you are a good candidate for immunotherapy because it might be the last option for you to treat the condition.

Allergy Shots

This is another name for immunotherapy. It means that you get small doses of the allergen injected into your body under the skin. Therefore, you get a small allergic reaction every time you get an allergy shot.

How Does This Help Your Asthma?

Immunotherapy works by desensitizing the body to the allergen. Because allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction to a substance, it is useful to try to desensitize the body to it.

Length of Treatment

Allergy shots need to be taken many times over an extended period of time. This is because allergies are very persistent. Therefore, you might need to go through immunotherapy for months in order to achieve results.


It is possible to go into anaphylactic shock or have an attack of asthma if using allergy shots. This is why it is important to only do this under the care of a qualified professional.

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