Allergic Reaction to Condoms

Did you know that it is possible to be allergic to condoms. The following will explain why this is. How does allergic reaction to condoms happen and how can you treat this?

Allergic reaction to condoms occurs because of latex allergy. Condoms are usually made from latex, which is bad news for latex allergy sufferers. It is especially difficult to have an allergic reaction in a sensitive area of the body.

How does Latex Allergy come about?

It is not known exactly how latex allergy is developed or what causes it. It has been discovered that people with repeated exposure to latex such as healthcare workers or people using a lot of condoms are more vulnerable to develop the illness. Latex is made from a liquid extracted from the rubber tree. This might be the cause for the allergy.

Allergic Reactions to Condoms

Allergic reaction to condoms usually occurs within minutes or hours of exposure to the condom. There are three types of reactions to condoms:

Mild reaction causes itching and burning.
Medium reaction is similar to mild only with the difference that the reaction can spread to other parts of the body.
Severe reactions can include hives as well as breathing difficulties. Anaphylactic shock can occur and even lead to death.

What to do if you Discover you are Allergic to Condoms

The first thing to do is to avoid contact with latex condoms. There are non latex options available both with condoms and sex toys. These are made from polyurethane, polyisoprene or lamb skin. Make sure that you do not come into contact with latex with anything you use.

Other remedy to latex allergy is desensitization therapy. In this treatment you get exposed to the allergen in the form of shots or skin exposure over a period of time. This will make your body slowly get used to the allergen.

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