Allergy Symptom Sore Tongue

Every one of us gets a sore tongue from time to time. This can be caused by many reasons. It can be because of a cut in the tongue or some underlying medical condition. One reason for sore tongue these can be allergy. Why does allergic sore tongue occur and what can be done with the symptoms of sore tongue. This article will explain.

When your tongue is aching there are a few guidelines you can follow in order to know if the problem is just a harmless reaction that will go away in a couple of days or if it is more persistent and needs to be treated.

How to find out if Sore Tongue is caused by Allergy

Is the pain limited to one area of the tongue?

This would indicate that the pain is caused by friction against a tooth for example. Therefore, allergy remedies would not be the right way to treat the condition.

Is the tongue sore all over?

This condition can be caused by an allergy. Allergy can cause inflammation of the tongue. If you experience these kinds of symptoms you should consult a physician if you do not know what the condition might be caused by. Food allergies are one reason for soreness in the tongue. Allergy testing by a doctor can help in finding out what the condition is caused by.

Is the tongue discolored?

Oral yeast infection can cause discoloration of tongue. The color is creamy and can be scraped off. Yeast infection in the mouth can be caused be asthma inhalers among other things.

Is the condition caused by medicine?

If you are taking medication for allergies or other conditions, try to find out if they might be the reason for your sore tongue. Cholesterol medicine Lipitor, for example, has been known to cause pain in tongue. Your doctor is able to help you with finding out what medicine is behind your symptoms.

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