Drug Interactions with Antihistamines for Allergies

When treating allergies with antihistamines one should take into consideration what other medicines you are taking. This is because antihistamines are strong drugs and it is possible to get side effects when they are used along with other strong drugs. This article will explain what medicines are safe to be used with antihistamines for allergies and which are not.

First thing to do when you begin taking antihistamines is to talk to your doctor. Tell your doctor what medicines you are taking so that they can properly evaluate if you can use antihistamines for your allergy.

Drowsiness with Antihistamines

One of the strongest side effects you may experience while on antihistamines is drowsiness. Therefore, you should not take other drowsiness causing medicines with antihistamines. The drug interaction between two or more medicines that cause drowsiness would cause problems by sedating you heavily.

Avoid the following medicines that cause drowsiness when on antihistamines:

Tricyclic antidepressants
Opiod containing painkillers
More than one sedating antihistamines at a time
Sleeping pills such as Zopiclone

Some medicines cause side effects such as dry mouth and constipation. If taken with antihistamines these symptoms might get stronger. Therefore avoid the following medicines when taking antihistamines:

Antispasmodic medicines
More than one antihistamines at a time
Medicines for Parkinson disease such as Procyclidine
Medicines for urinary incontinence which are anticholinergic

If you cannot reach a doctor with questions about drug interactions you can also talk to a pharmacist about how different medicines can be used in relation to each other. It is important that you do not experience negative side effects from using more than one medicine at a time. The information provided by the manufacturer of the medicine can also be of help. Make sure you are aware what you are putting into your body.

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