Moisturizers for Allergy Related Eczema

Using a moisturizer for your skin can be beneficial if you are suffering from eczema. What are the best ways to moisturize your skin when suffering from eczema?

What is Allergy Related Eczema?

The normal functioning of the skin is disturbed
Redness and irritation is produced on the skin surface
Water can evaporate more easily from the skin surface
Skin cannot retain moisture
Skin surface cracks and dries out
Allergens and micro organisms can penetrate the skin more easily
Sometimes you may develop fluid filled bumps
Eczema may occur because of food allergies or breathable allergens

What do Moisturizers do?

Moisturizer replenishes the water content in the skin
They rehydrate resorting the barrier function of the skin
Penetration of allergens and irritant is reduced
Itchiness is reduced
Inflammation is reduced

Using soap when washing takes some of the natural oils away from the skin. This makes the skin lose moisture and dry out easily. This is why moisturizers should be used after washing to replace the loss of oils in the skin. Some soaps are oil based and are, therefore, better in retaining moisture in the skin.

Types of Moisturizers

Lotions are good for hairy areas of the skin because they are non greasy formulation with a cooling effect. They are easily absorbed.

Creams are thicker than lotions with an easy absorption in the skin.

Ointments are oily and should be used for very dry areas of the skin.

Try different moisturizers in order to know what works best for you. It is possible to have an allergy to certain substances in moisturizers. Therefore, the wrong kind of moisturizer can make your eczema symptoms worse. This is why choosing the right product is so important.

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