Clogged Ears due to Allergy

Allergies can cause congestion in the airways and passages in the body. Usually this happens in the nose. It is also possible for ear congestion to occur because of allergies. This article will provide information on how to deal Clogged Ears due to Allergy

Symptoms of Allergy Related Ear Congestion

One symptom of ear congestion is that your hearing is impaired. Another one is pain in the ear. These are caused by the fact that the ear passages are swollen and red.

Remedies for Ear Congestion

  • A steam shower will help to ease congestion and sooth the ear with the hydrating effects of the steam.
  • Another way to achieve this is to use a heated cloth. If you heat up a piece of cloth in the microwave for example, you can use it against the ear to ease congestion with the steam that comes from the cloth.
  • When your ears are clogged with wax, your ear congestion can become more aggravating and painful. One way to treat this is to have an ear irrigation. This will help remove wax from the ears. You can get an ear irrigation kit and do it yourself or have a health care provider do it for you. Ear irrigation involves using a syringe or a plastic squeeze bottle to push water in the ear. When the water comes out of the ear, it bring forth the wax buildup. It is often necessary to use wax loosening liquids that you pour in the ear and let take effect before irrigation.
  • Ear congestion can also be remedied by closing your nose and breathing hard because this forces air in the passages in the ear.
  • Chewing cum can also be a remedy for ear congestion if the ailment has not grown to be too aggravating.

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