Natural Remedies for Symptoms of Allergies Related to Breathing

Allergies can cause all kinds of symptoms in the airways. You may experience sinus pressure or runny nose. You may have breathing difficulties or sore throat. This article will help you in finding alternative remedies to allergies. What are the best natural remedies for symptoms of allergies related to breathing?

Most medicines for allergy treatment have side effects that make their use complicated especially in the long run. You do not want to be drowsy all the time which is the side effect of most antihistamines that are used for allergies. These are some ways you can treat your allergy without even going to the doctor.

Stinging nettle
You can use this plant to relieve congestion in the nose.

Daily doses of zinc will help to boost your immune system.

This is a natural antihistamine found in apples, onions, green veggies, beans, citrus fruits, black and green tea, and red wine. It does not have the side effects of synthetic antihistamines.

Omega 3 fatty acids
These are found from fish oils. They are good for hay fever, asthma and sinus infections.

Lemon balm
This will help with the sinuses when breathed in along with water vapor.

Garlic will help to clear your nose as well as treat your cough.

Spicy foods
These will help to clear and wash out the sinuses from allergens.

These are some of the ways that airway related allergies can be treated at home. If they do not do the trick, there are other natural remedies available that you can explore with the help of a professional qualified in natural treatment options. These are often preferable to chemicals that you get from medicines. Make sure your doctor has explored options such as these before prescribing allergy medicines with harmful side effects.

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