Allergy to Aftershave on Legs

This article will teach you how to treat symptoms of Allergy to Aftershave on Legs.

Some people may get an allergic reaction from after shave. This is because it contains chemicals that the body might reject. Therefore, you may experience symptoms such as redness, irritation and razor bumps.

Why Does Shaving Play a Part in Causing the Symptoms?

When we shave, we strip away layers of skin. This means that when the chemicals that are in the after shave come into contact with the skin they are absorbed more easily. If there is an allergy to these chemicals, then an allergic reaction is unavoidable. Another reason for the fact that an allergic reaction is better induced after shaving is that when you shave you are removing some essential body oils from the skin. This means that there is less protection in the skin that would prevent an allergic reaction from occurring.

Remedies to Allergic Reaction to Aftershave on the Legs

    • Use a Body Lotion

The best body lotion to use is one which contains vitamin E. it helps to soothe irritation and revitalize the skin. It also degreases redness on the skin and helps get rid of razor bumps. You apply body lotion by using circular motions on your legs. You do this after shaving.

    • Vegetable Oils

It is advisable to use vegetable oils instead of shaving creams because they do not contain allergens and irritants. Two table spoons of vegetable oil is enough to give you a good shave.

    • Herbal Shaving Balm

Using a natural herbal shaving balm will help to ease allergic reaction in the skin. Use it before or after shaving to sooth the skin as well as give it moisture. Organic food stores can be helpful in finding proper ingredients.

    • Natural Body Scrub

This can be used to exfoliate the skin before or after shaving, to remove dead skin cells. It is a good way to get rid of excess skin particles that need to be removed in order to make the skin healthier.

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