Cough Allergy Remedies for Children

Children are often affected by allergies. One of the most common symptoms of allergy is cough. How can cough be remedied when it occurs in children?

Causes of Cough Allergy

Allergic cough can have many causes. One is allergic rhinitis, which makes phlegm flow into the throat. This irritates the throat and causes the need to couch. Children are at the stage where their immune system is developing. This means that they can be especially prone to allergies.

Treatment of Allergy Related Cough in Children

If the cough lasts continuously for more than two weeks it is advisable to see a doctor, in order to be able to determine whether the cough is caused by something other than allergy. If, however, the reason for the cough is allergy there are treatments available. Some of these include:

  • Corticosteroids
  • Antihistamines
  • Anticongestants
  • Cough lozenges
  • Cough suppressants

These medicines should be used very carefully with children. This is because children can be affected more than adults by the side effects.

Side Effects of Cough Medications

Treatment with medicines causes side effects such as drowsiness, which make their prolonged use unadvisable.


A better way of tackling the problem of allergy cough is to use desensitization treatment. This involves getting exposed to the allergens by a doctor in controlled environment, which should, over a period of time, make the immune system better able to get used to the allergen.

Home Remedies

In addition to medicines, there are home remedies that are advisable to use when the child has an allergic cough. The first one is to identify the allergen and prevent contact with it. If the allergy symptoms still persist, one can use a humidifier in order to clear the phlegm from the throat and nasal passages more easily. Hot water vapor should not be used with children because they are more sensitive to the heat and can damage their airways. A menthol rub on the chest can also bring improvement to the condition of allergy cough.

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