Alternative Medicines for Allergy

Allergy symptoms can be hard to live with. There are problems like runny nose, hives or asthma to name just a few. Medicines for allergies can cause side effects like drowsiness because the way they work does not target the allergy symptoms specifically but affects the body in a broad way. This article will explain what alternative medicines for allergy there are available.

Naturopathic Treatments

This treatment provides a holistic solution to health care. It is involved with lifestyle and dietary changes with allergy treatment. Practitioners of naturopathic treatment also utilize acupuncture and do not believe in medical intervention in most cases of allergy symptoms.

Herbal Medicines

Another treatment option for allergy is herbal medicine treatment. This involves the use of natural herbs and other plants found in nature to cure allergy symptoms. There have been proven cases of the use of herbal medicines being able to offer relief in sinus congestion, rashes and other symptoms related to allergies.


Homeopathy is a branch of allergy treatment that uses diluted solutions that are prepared with the specific symptoms in mind. In this way the allergy is treated by using previous experience of how natural remedies have worked, and using them in order to cure the patient. Homeopathy is considered safe, but the advice that practitioners often give against medical intervention is thought by some to put people at risk.

Chinese Medicine

This can be used for allergy treatment because it uses diet, herbs and acupuncture as well as massage to cure different ailments. Traditional Chinese medicine originates in ancient China. It is well established in Asia but not generally accepted as a relevant for of therapy in the west.

These are some of the alternative medicines for allergy that are available. Often these can work better, if not because they directly address the illness, then because they provide soothing comfort that can alleviate the symptoms that are caused by the allergy.

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