Remedies for Runny Nose

Allergy related runny nose involves the nose producing mucus because of the allergic reaction. It can be difficult to live with a runny nose if allergies are causing a constant barrage of mucus. Often this also causes a condition known as post nasal drip. This means that the mucus flows from the nose to the throat through the nasal cavity. This can cause throat symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing and throat irritation. What can you do to remedy allergy related runny nose as well as the throat condition that post nasal drip can produce? Here are some examples of simple home remedies you can use.

Remedies for Runny Nose

Gargling with salt water is often beneficial for throat irritation.

Nettle is a herb that can sooth the irritation in the throat. It can be used in tea for example.

Vitamin C found in juices and citrus fruits can help to bolster immune system and help with allergy symptoms like runny nose.

Bioflavonoids are also good in reducing the histamine response in the body caused by allergy. These can be found in vegetables like carrot.

Onions and garlic are effective in clearing out the sinuses. Strong spices produce this effect as well. Cleaning the sinuses is important because bacteria need to be cleared out of the nose in order for the symptoms to subside.

Another way to clear out the excess mucus from the nose is flushing the nasal cavity with water or saline. This provides relief also from the pressure and discomfort that a stuffy nose can produce.

Showering and using steam to clear out the nose is also a good way to provide relief and alleviate discomfort. Proper hydration can also be achieved by drinking plenty of water.

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