Balance Disorder Due to Allergy

How can allergy cause a balance disorder? This article will explain.

What is a balance disorder?

A balance disorder means that you have problems with your balance. This might mean difficulty in standing up, walking straight, or getting feeling of disorientation. Therefore, with this condition, your balance is disrupted.

What Affects Balance?

The way the body senses balance is related to the inner ear. This senses the way the body is positioned and, therefore, is responsible for how the body senses balance.

How are Allergies Related to Balance Disorder?

The balance disorder that allergy can be responsible for is labyrinthitis. This condition affects the inner ear. It causes swelling and inflammation in the ear canal. When this swelling comes into contact with the parts of the ear that sense movement, the balance disorder can occur. Allergies can be responsible for causing this condition. When you get an allergic reaction from something you come into contact with that you have an allergy to, the body goes into defense mode. This means that an allergic reaction, with histamine release occurs. Therefore, there is often a localized reaction that occurs in the body, often in the skin. It can also occur in the respiratory tract, in the nose or even in the ear. If the ear is affected, then balance disorder like labyrinthitis can come about. Allergy to a medication is most often the reason for this condition.


Vertigo means that your body will find it difficult to sense motion. This results in a woozy feeling in the head as well as difficulty in standing or moving. Vertigo is one of the symptoms of labyrinthitis. It is often followed by nausea, anxiety and also a tendency for rapid eye movements. These symptoms can be connected to an allergic response through the inner ear inflammation.

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