Allergy to Plavix

Plavix is the most researched medicine prescribed to prevent heart stroke, attack or chest pain. It is an anti-platelet medicine. In some people, it might cause allergic reactions. Allergy of plavix can be very frightening. Only 2 out of 100 patients can experience its allergy, but it can be life threatening. Some signs and symptoms for allergy to plavix are talked about in this article.

Symptoms of Allergy to Plavix

Allergic symptoms of plavix can include the following:

  • Hives
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling in the face, lips, throat or tongue

Treatment of Allergy to Plavix

  • Several allergic symptoms can be treated with antihistamine drugs in some people, but some may have to be given powerful injections or medications for immediate relief from the allergy.
  • Your doctor should be notified for an allergic reaction to plavix and should prescribe a substitute for this medicine.
  • Some life threatening allergic reactions can occur rarely. These may appear as minor reactions in the beginning and can turn into dangerous ones quickly.
  • Some severe allergic reactions to plavix are termed as anaphylaxis, which are extremely dangerous and could lead to death.
  • These life threatening symptoms can affect several parts of the body at the same time. It can include the reactions involving lungs, skin, throat, gastrointestinal tract and nose.
  • Anaphylaxis symptoms can also include itching, flushing, hives, anxiety and irregular pulse.
  • After the occurrence of these symptoms, some other symptoms appear quickly. These may include throat and tongue swelling, lowering of blood pressure. These symptoms require immediate medical attention.

There are some methods devised for desensitizing a patient towards allergic reaction of plavix. This treatment is done by administering small doses of plavix to the patient and then increasing gradually over time. Some antihistamines and other allergic drugs can be administered to the patient. This treatment can be done on patients who have experience anaphylactic shock during their first allergic reactions to plavix.

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