Coffee Allergy Symptoms

Taking a hot cup of coffee in the morning is rejuvenating for some people and for others it may not as it can lead to allergy. Caffeine is the substance present in coffee, which can cause allergy. Caffeine is also found in other beverages like soda, chocolate and tea etc. Coffee can cause allergy in some people because of the stimulant effect of protein present in it.

Coffee allergy can be caused when the body develops an immune response system to caffeine. When you drink coffee, you end up with some symptoms of coffee allergy, which are similar to other food allergies. Coffee allergy symptoms are described in this article.

Symptoms of Coffee Allergy

Excess intake of coffee can result in allergic reactions in some people. Some symptoms caused by coffee allergies are as follows:

  • Respiratory System Symptoms

    – Coffee can sometimes lead to allergic symptoms in respiratory system such as wheezing and sneezing.

  • Nose and Eyes Symptoms

    – Coffee can also lead to some allergies in eyes and nose and can cause symptoms like watery eyes and runny nose.

  • Stomach Symptoms

    – Vomiting and nausea can result due to coffee allergy. Sometimes stomach cramps can also be caused.

  • Skin Symptoms

    – Excess coffee intake can also lead to skin rashes and irritation.

  • Diarrhea can be caused as an allergic symptom of coffee.

The above are a few allergic reactions of excess coffee intake.

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