Food Allergy in Babies

Parents should be cautious while introducing new foods to babies as they may cause allergy symptoms. There are some foods which can cause allergies like itching in throat and mouth, body rashes, vomiting, nausea, cramping and diarrhea. Some other symptoms of food allergy in babies and foods causing allergies in babies are discussed in this article.

Foods Causing Allergies in Babies

Some common allergen in babies can include the following foods:

  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Shell fish
  • Egg white
  • Peanuts

Peanuts can be harmful to a baby and at times, it can be life threatening.

Ways to Reduce Food Allergy in Babies

The 2 most important ways to reduce food allergies in babies are as follows:

  • To introduce solid foods for the first time, it should be given when the baby is 6 months old.
  • When you have given solid food for the first time, wait for 4 days to diagnose any allergy symptoms. This way you can better know which food is causing allergies.

Before giving solid foods at the age of 6 months, a baby should have only breast milk. Breast milk provides immunity to a baby to resist allergies.

When to Introduce New Foods to Babies

  • Soy products, milk and egg yolk should be given when the baby is 8 months old.
  • Milk, yogurt, cheese and legumes should be given when the baby is 9 months old.
  • Citrus fruits, tomatoes, fish and egg whites should be given when the baby is 1 year old.
  • Sea foods, honey, chocolate and peanuts should be delayed as these might cause extreme allergic reactions in few children.

Parents should be extremely cautious while introducing any new food to the babies when they have a family history of food allergies.

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