What are Headache Allergy Symptoms?

Headache and allergies relation continues to be a controversial topic. Migraine headache patients attribute their allergic condition to some foods. But, this is not relevant in most of the cases. Majority of foods that cause migraine are rich in neuroactive and vasoactive amino acids like dopamine, tyramine, monosodium glutamate or phenylethylamine etc. These amino acids can trigger migraine headache, which is not an allergic reaction. Some factors that causes headache allergy in migraine are discussed in this article.

Factors Causing Headache Allergy

  • Migraine patients have a sensitive nervous system, which makes them sensitive towards some specific lighting conditions and smells.
  • When some allergens are present in the air, the respiratory tissues towards allergen in the air and causes allergy in the form of headache.
  • Against these allergens, various chemicals are released which can lead to nasal drainage, congestion and sneezing. This is commonly called hay fever.
  • Though, several studies have not found relationship between migraine and allergy, but migraine patients are at higher risk to get asthma and allergies.
  • Sometimes, headache and allergic people can get allergic problems and these allergies can enhance their normal headache.

Treatment of Headache Allergies

The treatment of headache allergies require oral remedies, which may include the following :

  • Tincture
  • Teas
  • Pills
  • Syrup

Some topical application in headache allergy include:

  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Poultice
  • Baths

The above are some of the headache allergy symptoms and their treatments.

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