Allergy and Fatigue – How they are Related

Fatigue is the biggest problem for most allergic people. It is a common allergic problem. The main cause for fatigue resulting from allergy is this that allergic symptoms make you sick. The body fights it off and ultimately you become tired. The other reason for tiredness is that allergy affects your sleep and you become chronically fatigued. The article discusses about various reasons of Allergy and Fatigue causes.

Why Allergy Cause Fatigue?

Allergy Causes Fatigue due to the following reasons:

  • Allergy is the oversensitiveness of the body.
  • The body fights with the foreign body to protect themselves.
  • The immunity system of the body is not that smart and immediately tries to kill the invader.
  • Immune system gets inflamed due to the release of histamine, which causes increased permeability and dilation of blood vessels. It also leads to muscle constriction.
  • Further inflammation is caused by phosphorylation, which allows blood to seep in the extra cellular fluid. Thus due to these allergic triggers, the immune system gets fired and thus causes exhaustion and fatigue.

Which allergy Cause Fatigue?

There are 4 types of allergies which can cause fatigue. The 4 kinds of allergies are as follows:

  • Type 1

    – This type of allergy is called anaphylactic reaction or immediate allergies. This includes allergy from bee stings, certain foods and medications. Symptoms from this allergy can be sever enough to cause anaphylactic shocks and can also be sudden life threatening reactions. This type also includes some food allergies and hay fever.

  • Type 2

    – This type includes cytotoxic allergies and causes cell destroying reactions. A drug allergen which binds with the cell membrane and destroys body cells, when it reacts with other antibodies.

  • Type 3

    – This type of allergy includes any foreign particle in the blood, such as medication.

  • Type 4

    – It is similar to type 2 allergies, but it has a delayed reaction. Instead of antibody, it gives a cell mediated response.

The above allergy types can lead to fatigue symptoms.

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