Wool Allergy Symptoms

Wool AllergyA person can be allergic to anything he is surrounded with. Wool also can be allergic to many people. But, the problem is less common than it is assumed. Skin irritation is often misunderstood as a wool allergy symptom. The texture of the fabric causes the allergic symptom. Wool allergy can be recognised by the symptoms given in this article.

Symptoms of Wool Allergy

The following are a few symptoms of wool allergy:

  • Skin irritation

    – Wool allergy comprises various skin problems such as itchy rashes, that can resemble eczema or hives. Skin irritation usually starts immediately with the wool contact. Rashes on face, arms and hands.

  • Nasal congestion

    – Irritation of nose is a common problem for the person who is allergic to wool. It is common to experience itching, puffiness and redness in the eyes due to wool allergy.

Treatment of Wool Allergy

  • Physician performs an allergy test to diagnose wool allergy.
  • Various skin tests are there to diagnose the problem.
  • To treat wool allergy, antihistamines and allergy shots are given to the person.
  • Person who has wool allergy can try wearing a cotton or other softer fiber, like natural fleece undergarments. It can determine whether the problem is of sensitive skin or a real wool allergy problem.

The above are some of the symptoms of wool allergy and their treatments. It is believed that wool allergy is caused due to the presence of wool alcohol called lanolin. When you experience allergy to certain products which contain lanolin like various creams and lotions, you will certainly get allergy with raw wool.

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