Allergy Remedies – Honey

Allergies are one of the common problem these days. At least one out of ten Americans suffer from one or the other allergies. Allergy is the body’s fighting mechanism towards any allergen by producing antihistamines. These may cause swelling, cold and gastrointestinal symptoms. To cure these allergy symptoms, local honey is one of the natural remedies.

When the spring season begins, it causes lots of allergic symptoms. Though there are not many researches to support efficiency of honey for allergy relief, but some practitioners have seen a drop in allergic symptoms by taking honey. Some facts about how locally grown honey can cure allergic symptoms are discussed in this article.

Allergy Remedies

Honey for Allergy Relief

Honey can provide relief from allergy symptoms due the following reasons:

  • Honey can help in getting relief from hay fever and allergic reaction from pollen.
  • In beginning, it should be taken in small amounts like a teaspoon each day can be beneficial.
  • First ensure the honey works with your body, if it does not, it should not be used further.
  • If it causes gastrointestinal discomfort, it should not be used further.
  • To keep the fever at bay, several teaspoons of honey should be taken.
  • Talk to your doctor before going for any natural treatment.
  • Some people can have bad reactions to the honey.
  • Non-pasteurized honey should be bought and ensure that honey should be of the freshest quality.
  • It should be ensured that honey was collected at the same time when you suffer from allergies. This increases the effectiveness of honey treatment for allergies.
  • To get the best results from this treatment, use honey one month before the allergy symptoms begin as using it in the midst of season won’t help much.
  • Honey should never be heated as heat destroys its healing properties.
  • In beginning, honey should be taken in small amounts and increased gradually.

The above are some of the ways which shows how honey helps relieve allergy symptoms.

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