Top 5 Natural Allergy Remedies

Millions of people are plagued by allergies and some severe allergic people can get various frustrating side effects. There are various natural allergy remedies to cure allergic symptoms. These natural allergies often have fewer side effects or no side effects like the common drugs which can cause drowsiness and make you feel groggy. Some natural allergy remedies are talked about in this article.

Important Natural Allergy Remedies

Some of the important natural allergy remedies:

  • Red clover

    – It is a traditional cure for asthma and taken in the form of tea. It can also help relieve allergy symptoms. It has an expectorant and antispasmodic properties. Red clover wine helps relieve coughing symptoms.

  • Eucalyptus

    – This is an effective natural cure for allergy symptoms. Eucalyptus helps calm nasal congestion, cough and cold. It is used as chest rubs and in oil form to help relieve pain. It is a stimulant and an antiseptic with antibiotic properties. Its powerful vapours helps clear congestion and relieves mucus.

  • Green tea

    – People who consume green tea experience less allergic symptoms. It should be taken in purer forms and not with any additives like honey or any other product. At least one cup of green tea should be taken everyday.

  • Echinacea

    – This herb is a cure for all types of problems including allergy and hay fever. Echinacea helps in interferon production. This interferon protein helps reduce tissue swelling, watery eyes and runny nose symptoms.

  • Vitamin C

    – If your diet lacks vitamin C, you may become more susceptible to allergy symptoms. Vitamin C helps detoxifies the body and provide strength to the cells. Thus, vitamin C should be taken daily and its dosage can range up to 1000 mgs per day.

These are some of the best natural allergy remedies for wellness of a person.

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