Natural Eye Allergy Relief

Eye Allergy ReliefAllergies are basically hypersensitivities of the immune system. The immune system may react adversely to certain irritants or proteins in otherwise harmless substances in the environment. Allergies affect around 40 – 50 million people in the United States.

In almost all types of allergies, eyes are affected first. Red, itchy and watery eyes are common

eye allergy

symptoms. Allergic reactions in the eyes can be a cause of great pain and discomfort.

There are some well established herbal remedies which can bring relief to the eyes in allergies. If you prefer natural cure over chemical based drugs then these remedies can be of use to you. This therapy involves making eye washes out of herbs.

What causes eye allergy?

It is imperative we understand that allergies are a protective mechanism of the immune system. When the immune system reacts adversely to proteins, chemicals or irritants certain antibodies are produced in the body. These antibodies, namely, IgE reacts and binds with the proteins causing the mast cells of the skin, pharynx and gut to produce a chemical called histamine. Histamine irritates the nerve endings and causes dilation or inflammation in the blood vessels. The eyes are also affected by it.

Natural cure for eye allergy

Allergies affecting the eyes could be judiciously treated with the herbs described below:

    • Eyebright

      : Eyebright is a herb of European origin. Its use in eye care has been established since the ancient times. It is used to make solutions for eye wash. The active ingredient in this herb are tannins which has anti inflammatory properties. It is used to seek relief from conditions like conjunctivitis, itchy eyes, stressed and tired eyes. It is excellent in bringing down inflammation and infection in the mucous membrane of the eyes. It is used as an oral supplement also for regular eye health. When mixed with the herb cayenne it brings long lasting relief.

    • Cayenne

      : Cayenne is extremely potent. So a small amount goes a long way. It needs to be handled with caution. It helps in increasing blood circulation in the eyes and release toxins. It can be combined with other herbs which are good for the eyes.

Red Raspberry Leaf

    • Red raspberry leaves

      : This herb relieves pain and reduces inflammation in the eyes.


    • Bayberry Bark

      : Apart from treating conditions like cholera, heart ailments and other diseases it effectively treats allergic eyes. It shrinks inflamed tissues, reduces pain and fluid discharge.

Rowan Berry Herb

  • Rowan Berry Herb

    : This herb has been used for ages for eye problems. Apart from relieving allergies in the eyes it helps in serious eye problems like glaucoma, cataracts, retinopathy etc.

How to make and use natural eye wash?

1. Take all the above herbs measuring in equal parts except cayenne which should be taken in 1/12 or 1/16 part.
2. Put everything in a cup of boiling water and let them steep in it. Once cold strain it through a nylon sieve.
3. Take an eye cup and put 1 teaspoon of the solution. Bend head forward holding the eye cup against the eye. Tilt head backward so that the solution washes the eye surface.
4. Blink and let the eye surface absorb the solution.
5. You might feel a burning stab in the eye as there is cayenne in the solution. This is normal. If it gets uncomfortable, take a cold and wet rag or tissue and use it as a cold compress.
6. As you do it, you will get used to the burning.
7. The procedure now needs to be repeated for the other eye.
8. Doing it three to four times a day will bring in long lasting relief.

However, if you experience any untoward symptoms or intense pain, please consult your eye physician immediately. Eyes are your window to the world. Never ignore them.

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