What Causes Red Dots on Body?

Red Dots on BodyAppearance of red dots on a body are not very commonly seen. Generally, people with the age of 40 are victims of red dots on body. These dots can be painful and absolutely benign. Thus, it becomes extremely important to treat these spots, which are itchy and harmful, but it is not required to remove harmless red spots. Some people feel these spots are unappealing, so they want to get rid of them. People think that occurrence of red spots are a symptom of allergy, but there are various causes of red spots on the body, which are discussed in this article along with their treatments.

Causes of Red Spots on Body

There are two topmost causes of red spots on the body- petechia and cherry angioma.

  • Cherry angioma is a type of benign tumor, which generally occur in older people. The real cause for this tumor is still not known. These are characterized by the outgrowth of cherry red to purple dots on the body. These outgrowths are vascular lesions which are made up of dilapidated capillaries clusters on the skin’s surface.
  • Cherry angioma mostly occur on the torso of the body. They also commonly occur on neck, face, scalp, legs and arms. They are the size of a pinhead and grow in size later on and attain the size of a mushroom. These are not harmful and also painless.
  • The other kind of red spot i.e. petechia is a tiny, flat dot under the skin’s surface, generally red in color. They can occur due to trauma and blood vessels inflammation. This condition needs immediate medical help, otherwise it may cause more serious damage. Petechia can also occur as a result of low platelet count, called thrombocytopenia. These type of red spots mostly occur on lower limbs.
  • Petechia can normally appear after childbirth due to change in body pressure during and after delivery.

Treatment for Red Dots on Body

Cherry angiomas are not dangerous. The only reason for treating them is cosmetic and there are a very few methods to get rid of them. The treatment methods include:

  • Cryotherapy

    – This is one of the common treatment methods used. This involves freezing of red dots or cherry angiomas on body, to very low temperatures using liquid nitrogen. The frozen tissues can now be removed surgically.

  • Cautery or Electrosurgery

    – This is another common method for removing red dots on body. This involves passing of electric current so that the tissue burns off which can later be removed easily. This is more preferable due to limited bleeding.

Petechia is pretty safe condition which is caused by physical injury. Rubbing ice cubes on them helps in quick recovery. But, it is always advisable to see a dermatologist. Diagnostic tests are performed to find out the underlying cause of red dots. These tests include x-ray, blood tests and spinal tap test.

It is really difficult to determine whether red dots on body are harmful or harmless. Hence, it is advisable to consult a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. This helps in ruling out the possibility of any complications in future.

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