Peanut Allergies – Foods to Avoid

Peanut AllergiesAllergies are very common than people think and the allergens may range from clothe materials, foods to the air borne substances. Food allergies are very common and among them peanut allergy is one such allergy. This article discusses about the peanut allergy – foods to avoid.

Symptoms of peanut allergy change themselves instantly in people who are allergic to it and preventing them is must. Along with them, there are some foods which trigger the symptoms which are caused by the peanut allergy. Hence, it becomes must to know the foods to avoid if you are suffering from peanut allergy. Read on to have a clear idea about the foods to avoid and make a note of them to keep the allergy at bay.

Peanut Allergies – Foods to Avoid:

There are some food types and foods which must be avoided to prevent peanut allergy. Following are some of them that you must stay away from:

  • Nuts:

    If you are allergic to peanuts, there is a chance that you can be allergic to all the nuts. Hence, staying away from nuts helps to prevent the onset of the symptoms of nut allergy. Nuts such as almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachios, chestnuts, pecan nut, hazel nut, cashew nut and others may trigger nut intolerance.

  • By-Products:

    Along with the nuts, you must also avoid some by-products of the nuts too. These include shampoos, nougat, pastes, extracts, butter, oil and so on. You must check the label for the products such that these ingredients can be avoided.

  • Other Products:

    There are certain other products which can contain peanut content that include:

    • Foods containing lupine
    • Cuisines of Africa and Asia
    • Ice creams
    • Baked goods
    • Candy bars
    • Marinade
    • Different sauces
    • Pizzas
    • Egg rolls
    • Hot chocolate
    • Puddings

Although the peanut allergy – foods to avoid list has been mentioned, you must know that there are several other foods which contain the traces of peanuts or other nuts in them and can cause allergic reactions. Hence, you must be very careful about the food that you consume and the ingredients that it contains.

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