Top 6 Natural Cures for Allergies

Allergies develop when the body over reacts to the harmless substances. The immune system of your body typically saves its efforts to fight against viruses or bacteria. But, if you have allergies, your immune system reacts to pollen, pet dander, mold, dust or other substances, rather than reacting to bacteria. You can use certain over the counter medicines or follow some natural cures for allergies.

Natural Cures for Allergies

Following are some natural cures for allergies:

  1. You can try nettle to treat allergies. Nettle has a naturally occurring antihistamine. Dr. Andrew Weil, a Naturopathic has advised to take nettle to cure allergies. Freeze and dried form of nettle can be obtained from the health food stores.
  2. You can also try ginkgo biloba. This contains ginkogolides. These substances may limit or stop the allergy attacks. This herb is pretty famous for its memory boosting abilities.
  3. Eat foods that are rich in Quercetin. Quercetin is a substance which gives green tea, pineapple and grapes their color. This inhibits histamine release. Raw foods are always the best source of quercetin. This is also available in the form of pills at the health food stores. If you are using nettle, do not take quercetin capsules because nettle contains quercetin.
  4. Intake plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. Most of the Americans do not have sufficient amounts of omega-3 in their diet. It develops inflammatory responses in the body. Flaxseed and salmon are excellent sources of omega-3.
  5. Raw honey is another wonderful natural cure for allergies. Local honey is useful in reducing allergic reactions because bees produce honey from local pollen. Small amounts of pollen reduces the bodies reaction to allergens. This is a best remedy for allergies.
  6. Probiotics is also a best treatment option. These provide good bacteria to the digestive system. Most naturopathic doctors believe that digestive system’s health is associated with immune system’s health. You can get probiotics from health food stores. Yogurt also helps in replacing good bacteria in digestive system.

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