Cat Allergy Symptoms

Cats are wonderful companions and offer friendship which last for many years. Unfortunately, as much as people love their pets, most of them may have undesirable side effects like allergies. It is estimated that nearly 15% of pet owners are allergic to their pets. Sometimes, cats may cause severe allergies in people compared to dogs. To know more about cat allergy symptoms, read the below lines.

Cat Allergy Symptoms:

Following are cat allergy symptoms observed in human beings:

Allergic Rhinitis:

This develops when pet dander gets into the air and when people inhale it. Generally the nose, ears and throat are afflicted. You may suffer from stuffy nose or a runny nose. You may sneeze a lot, have an itchy nose, the throat and ears may also itch.


Your eyes can be inflamed with this allergy. You will notice that the your eyes are red and also red under the eyelids. In some cases, eyes may become uncomfortable if they become itch severely.

Hives and Rashes:

Skin may develop breakouts of hives or rashes. Rashes appear as itchy, red bumps which occur all over the body. Hives are small swellings which develop on the skin, almost to the point which look like the small welts. The itching which is associated with hives can also be very severe.

Allergies and Asthma:

Allergy induced asthma develops if asthma is caused by pet dander. The allergies caused by pet dander leads to asthma attacks, including difficulty in breathing, coughing and wheezing. In extreme cases, you may also experience chest tightening.

Allergic Response:

If you let cat to scratch, lick or bite your skin, you will observe skin becoming itchy and red. Symptoms appear within a few minutes. However, symptoms may appear after a few hours after coming in contact with the cat.

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