How to Heal Blisters?

A blister on the skin is caused by an irritation which appears on the external layer of the skin that is epidermis that separates the lower layer with the fluid. In some cases, blister becomes irritated and infected. There are certain effective natural remedies for healing blisters and reduce the risk of infections.

How to Heal Blisters?

Following are simple and effective natural remedies to cure blisters.

  • Cleanse the area around the blisters by soaking a cotton ball in the warm salt water solution. Vinegar and garlic oil or warm water is also effective in cleaning the region.
  • Try to protect the blisters from friction against the socks and shoes. While wearing socks and shoes, use a loose moleskin or bandage. You must change it once in a day. Never try to break the blister. The fluid present in the blister will be absorbed back into your skin naturally. Your blister will heal quickly if you protect it from anything which rubs against the blister. You will feel less pain.
  • If the blister drains, preserve the skin by covering the region. The skin which is left after fluid draining acts like a natural band aid. You must not remove the skin. If you wish to heal the blister quickly, never pop the blister. Sometimes you cannot help but if you put more pressure on the blister, it will pop accidentally. In some cases, the blister will be very huge and it afflicts your every day activities. In order to pop the blister, sterilize any instrument and then clean the area fully to help the blisters heal fully.
  • Use a cool lubricant like vitamin E or aloe vera gel to accelerate the healing process. Wet tea bags and ice are useful in giving relief from the pain.

The above mentioned natural remedies to heal blisters may help you accelerating the healing process and also to prevent the infection.

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