What Causes Severe Itching?

Pruritus or itching is a skin irritation, that urges a person to scratch the itching part. Scratching causes more itching and the cycle repeats. There are several reasons for the causes of itching. Itching can be restricted to a single body part, while sometimes the whole body may start itching. Excess scratching may cause skin inflammation and can cover it with pus-filled pustules. Sometimes itching can be due to minor causes or can be a symptom of a major disease. There are many other causes of severe itching and all need not be a symptom of skin condition.

What Causes Severe Itching?

Following are some of the causes of severe itching:

Skin Allergy:

Allergic reactions in skin after coming in contact with allergens or because of insect bites is the most common cause of severe itching.


This is a form of dermatitis. Dermatitis is a skin ailment which causes inflammation, dryness, redness, itching and sometimes, bleeding. It is believed that damage to the skin tissues is the major cause of this condition.

Food Allergies:

For a some people, intake of certain foods cause symptoms of skin itching. If you consider them as the primary cause for intense itching, try to avoid them from your diet.

Drug Allergy:

Apart from foods and allergens, medications and drugs also trigger itching and skin rashes. If you have previous history of skin allergy, consult the physician immediately.

Dry Weather:

Low humidity levels in air or dry air is another major cause of intense itching. Usually this condition is seasonal and can be solved by following proper skin care tips.

Medical Problems:

Certain disorders and diseases can cause intense itching due to kidney disease, herpes, anemia, chicken pox, scabies, psoriasis, etc.


Candidiasis or yeast infection is another common cause of severe skin itching. If itching is restricted to localized areas of the mouth like vagina and mouth, it can be a symptom of candidiasis.

Topical ointments and oral medications may give relief from severe itching. If severe itching persists for a longer duration, seek immediate medical attention.

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