Dry Skin Rash Treatments

eye-ellergyDry skin rash is the common problem experienced by people of all age groups. Some people suffer from this only in winters, while some throughout the year. It can also be due to an allergic reaction. It has certain annoying signs and symptoms. Severe dryness of the skin can make you feel tight on the skin and is associated with itchiness. In the initial phase, you may not notice any visible symptoms of skin rashes. Later, the skin may get inflamed and red rashes may appear, causing burning sensation. Sometimes cracks appear on the surface of the skin which ooze colorless fluid or blood. Try some dry skin rash treatments to get rid of these symptoms.


Dry Skin Rash Treatments:

The following are some simple treatments which you can try at home for getting rid of dry skin rashes:

Keep your body hydrated:

You must drink 8 glasses of water every day. If your body is hydrated, it helps dry skin to retain moisture. A hydrated skin also reduces the feeling of skin tightness and rashes heals quickly.

A proper diet:

You must make your skin healthy from within. In order to do this, you must have nutritious food. For reducing skin inflammation, you must include spinach, green tea, wheat grass and cabbage in your every day diet. These reduce the inflammation effectively. Flax seeds and fresh fish are rich sources of fatty acids which are good for enhancing skin problems.

Apply hydrocortisone cream:

Apply hydrocortisone cream to treat dry skin rash if rashes are red and cause irritation. This gives soothing relief from itching sensation and also heals swelling and cracked skin.

Take nutritional supplements:

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E supplements are very beneficial for treating dry skin rashes. They reduce skin dryness and restore the skin’s natural elastic properties. Hence, the skin structure becomes healthy and strong and is not prone to damage.

Protect the skin:

If you’re having dry skin, you must stay away from those external factors which aggravate the symptoms. Use cosmetics or skin care products with natural ingredients for reducing the exposure to chemicals. You must also avoid direct exposure to sunlight because the light and heat cause harm to skin rashes. Cover up rashes with a cloth to protect from pollution and wind. Use humidifier in bedroom to add moisture to indoor air.

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