Banana Allergy Symptoms

Banana AllergyBanana allergy is relatively a rare food allergy, but people suffering from this condition should be very cautious such that they do not consume it. This allergy may take two forms. One is allergic reaction to bananas caused by tree pollen allergies, in most cases birch pollen. Secondly, most severe reactions develop due to allergens in bananas are similar to allergens in latex. This is referred to as latex-fruit allergy and people with this condition can also be allergic to mango, avocado and kiwi. To know more about banana allergy symptoms, read the below lines.


Banana Allergy Symptoms:

Following are some of banana allergy symptoms:

Oral symptoms:

People suffering from birch allergic reaction to bananas may develop swelling and itching in mouth in about 1 hour of eating banana.

Throat symptoms:

Some with an allergic reaction to banana, may sometimes develop a scratchy throat and inflammation due to the fruit ingestion. This allergic reaction is associated with birch allergic reaction to bananas.

Abdominal trouble:

People suffering from latex fruit allergic reaction to banana can experience abdominal pain and sometimes, it can be very severe after having a banana. Some may experience vomiting also.


If you are allergic to latex-fruit banana, you may also observes hives after consuming the fruit.


Rarely, allergic reaction to banana may cause anaphylaxis reaction in some people. Anaphylaxis is a life threatening condition wherein people experience constriction and swelling of airways, dilated blood vessels and reduced blood pressure. If left untreated, people may suffer from anaphylactic shock and it becomes fatal.

Banana Allergy Treatments:

Like other allergic treatments, banana allergy treatment also involves use of antihistamines. It is best if you avoid contact with the allergen. Although the symptoms of this allergy are not that severe, in rare cases you experience anaphylaxis. In such cases, adrenaline injections are prescribed to the patient.

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